OLYMPIC 2024 - Four Lives One Dream


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TITLE: OLYMPIC 2024 - Four Lives One Dream


OLYMPIC 2024 - Four Lives One Dream

Riccardo was born in 1972 in Rome, Italy where he lives.

In 1990 - shortly after he turned 18 - Riccardo, along with three other friends, an Apple Macintosh, and a dream of making films using animation and digital visual effects, founded a small company. What was just a game turned into serious work and the company became one of the most popular computergraphics and post-production companies in Italy. Four people turned into forty. Riccardo became the company's artistic director.

After working as a motion graphic designer in 1998 he began to take his first steps as a director by making video clips, promos and experimental short films. He also collaborates with the director Ettore Scola in the realization of the last animated scene of one of his films La Cena. In the same year he also began collaborating as a director with the newborn satellite channels especially with Studio Universal.

Today Riccardo has directed over 150 advertising spots in Italy and abroad, for various brands: Carlsberg, Bayer, Nissan, Chrysler, Disney, Fiat-Lancia, Banca Intesa, HSBC, Wind, Interflora, Corriere della Sera, Municipality of Rome , Bose, De 'Longhi, Kraft, Lines, Manetti & Roberts, Poste Italiane, ANAS, McDonald's, Kinder Ferrero, Sky and has also directed numerous commercials and promotions for the FOX group channels.

Riccardo also carried out non-profit social campaigns such as those for: FAO, United Nations Refugee Agency, Peace Reporter and Amnesty International.